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Using geolocation technology (Wifi & BLE) without the need of any mobile app, Occi allows you to analyze consumer behavior inside the store. Our award-winning patented technology creates a bridge between retailer data (sales and loyalty program) and shopping paths. Because we know how people act in the store and what products they are interested in, we understand their patterns, trends, intentions, and goals even before they do. This enables us to provide brands and retailers with the most comprehensive understanding of their customers, on a one-to-one basis. We call it people technology.

The Occi solution offers major retail outlets an edge over competitors, allowing them to benefit from the same tools online retailers use. Our mission is to improve the user-experience that retail stores offer their customers through two main tools:

Occi Analytics

Thanks to our technological expertise we are able to collect and exploit previously inaccessible data. Occi Analytics is a dashboard that enables you to monitor your store in real time, to organise it efficiently and to visualize the impact of your strategic decisions immediately.

Occi Analytics - The power of Big Data in the service of a decisional, fact-based tool!

Occi Marketing

Boost the impact of your promotions thanks to Occi Marketing. Provide your clients with the right content, at the right time, in the right place using the right channels.

Occi has a powerful content recommendation system (advertisings, promotions, recipes, nutritional advice…) based on your visitors’ shopping habits in the store. Occi gives you the choice to communicate with the user via any platform you wish (sms, mail, app, screen, tablet, social network...).

Occi Marketing - Create a special relationship with your clients as if you really know them.

The Enablers

Yves Benchimol


Louis Millon

Chief Techology Officer

Jean Soula

Data Scientist

Tanguy de La Villegeorges

Data Scientist

Enguerrand Pelletier

Backend Developer

Raphaël Attal

Chief Strategist and CFO

Gabriel Mulko

Marketing Manager

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