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Backend Engineer


• Full-time - Engineer (Junior or Senior)
• Paris
• 35 - 50 k€ (according to experience) + Equity

About the company

Based in the heart of Paris, Occi is a young French startup whose mission is to improve shopper experience by making it more customizable.
Occi enables physical stores to access previously untapped data about what shoppers do inside the store.

Who enters my store ? What product categories are they visiting ? What are the interests and needs of my customers ? We help retailers answer these questions by combining IoT, indoor geolocation, data fusion algorithms and AI.

Founded in 2015 by two students from Ecole Polytechnique, Occi is a fast-growing startup that has already convinced international retailers such as Carrefour, Auchan or Galeries Lafayette.

Job description

You will work on the entire product conception process :

• software components architecture design
• development of components / services
• deployment
• maintenance and enhancements

We are using cutting edge technologies, and have streamlined the containerisation and continuous integration processes. We are always looking to improve ourselves and our solution. This is why part of your role will be to perform technological watch and suggest ideas to enrich the team's technical horizon.
In short, if you're a passionate, creative person wishing to expand your knowledge and skills, we are made for each other !

Required skills

• Solid mastery of Python

• Python3
• Pytest
• A web framework (Django, Flask, Tornado, AioHTTP...)

• Experience with a container technology (preferably Docker)
• Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
• Knowledge of Web concepts (HTTP protocol, WebSockets, ...)
• Software architecture design

Appreciated additional skills

• Knowledge of C/C++ or Javascript
• GraphQL
• Columns-oriented, document-oriented databases
• Knowledge of the WiFi protocol (IEEE 802.11s)
• Experience with the main AWS tools (S3, EC2, RDS...)

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